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Materials Recovery Faciliy (MRF) conveyors.

Waste Recycling Conveyors

Central Conveyors has extensive experience of designing, building and installing large waste-recycling conveyor systems into recylcing plants

This has ranged from conveyors to transport waste to remote sortation systems (sometimes in different buildings), conveyors to feed waste into grading systems such as trommels and vibratory sifters, and conveyors for feeding raw material into baler machines. This latter is a particularly popular and common application.

We have also manufactured and installed "pit" conveyors, designed to allow forklift trucks and tractors to "scoop" waste onto the conveyor, prior to it being raisedi up and transported to its destination. (baler, trommel or whatever).

All of these conveyors have one thing in common; they are BIG and VERY heavy-duty.

Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) conveyor systems

One common factor in the above conveyors is that they are merely one component in a larger system, which collectively forms the Materials Recovery Facility (MRF). Central Conveyors Ltd can, however, produce the complete facility.

As an illustration, we recently completed a facility for at Heathrow airport. This was a lightweight, modular "fly-away" system, designed for rapid redeplyment to different sites.

The purpose of the system was to sort through all of the waste coming from a passenger aircraft.

waste recycling materials recovery conveyors

This would include the plastics from the food trays, cutlery, paper, newspapers, aluminium drinks cans, and all the other miscelanous materials that passangers dispose of at the end of the flight.

Our solution incorporated a raised platform for human operators to stand on. A conveyor would pass the mixed waste past them, and each operator would be tasked with removing ONE type of waste, and drop it into an adjacent chute. These chutes led down to wheely bins underneath the platform, which - when full - would be wheeled awawy for subsequent processing, and replaced with empty bins.

waste recycling materials recovery MRF conveyors

The system incorporates a linked network of conveyors that perpetually re-feeds the main sortation conveyor. Any waste that isn't immediately removed by the operators will circle around and eventually be re-presented to them, along with any new waste that is added to the master input conveyor.

This allows the operators to work at peak efficiency, without any risk of missing any waste.

waste recycling materials recovery system conveyors

As part of this circuit, the waste is passed under a magnetic overband conveyor to strip out any ferrous metal, and also an eddy-current-seperator to remove and seperately store any non-ferrous metals, such as aluminium drinks cans. Hence the human operators don't even need to bother sorting these; the system does it automatically.

Whether you are recycling house hold waste – which can incorporate a wide variety of materials – or recycling just a single product – such as plastics, glass, metals, wood, food, oil contaminated parts, paper and card board, shrink wrap and even WEEE recycling for electrical components – CCL are able to produce conveyors and Materials Recovery Facility systems that will enhance your recycling process. If it can be recycled, CCL can build the appropriate conveyor.

If you would like more information on these conveyor case studies, or any other CCL conveyors or conveyor systems, call us on 01509 974215 today for an informal, no obligation chat. We’re here to listen to your conveyor enquiry and help provide you with complete conveying solutions.