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Artists and Art Installations

It always comes as a surprise when we get asked to do something a little different. We are proud of all of our conveyors, but even we can get a little jaded producing somewhat mundane, functional industrial conveyor machines. Which is why we always welcome working with the artistic community.

Treadmill Conveyor

Over the years, we have had a number of enquiries for art installations. This has included a human-powered 'walking' conveyor belt for a South Bank performer. This was similar in concept to the treadmills you get in gymnasiums. This one, however, was not electrically powered, and had to be powered by the mere act of the performer walking on it, which proved quite a chalenge. The unit had to be precisely angled to allow the belt to roll backwards under the weight of a human tread.

Tank's for the memory

Another intriguing enquiry was not for a conveyor per se, but for a belt. The Royal Opera House was building a "working" WW-1 tank for a production of La Fille du régiment. The tank was able to move onto the stage using hidden "road wheels" underneath it, but had to feature moving tank tracks to give the impression that it was moving on its tracks. The Company had originally considered Steel Platelink conveyor belting (which looks almost EXACTLY like a tank track), but where discourated by its high price, and very considerable weight, requiring a very powerful motor (and strong steel suspension) to turn. CCL offered them an inexpensive lightweight chevroned rubber belt with special painted wooden "flights" to simulate steel track pads

Splat !!

Possibly our largest art installation was for Turner-prize-winning artist Anish Kap0or in his piece "symphony for a beloved sun", first shown in Berlin in 2013

This involved four large conveyors that lifted blocks of red wax to a height of 20', before dropping them on the floor to form "splats" that slowly grow to form a quasi-random sculpture.

Anish Kapoor art conveyor installation art installation conveyor kapoor art installation conveyor kapoor art installation conveyor kapoor
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We where delighted 2019... Anish Kapoor asked us to slightly extend the system, and re-install it in Beijing, China. This is part of a larger Kapoor exhibit at the Central Academy of Fine Arts Museum and the Imperial Ancestral Temple, by the walls of the Forbidden City in Beijing. Anish is only the second foreign artist to be allowed to exhibit here.

CCL enjoys working with artists, and understand the need to adapt to the different styles and methods of artists, and to help them realise their intentions, on installations big and small.

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