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UK Based Conveyor Manufacturers

Central Conveyors are a UK-based designer and manufacturer of bespoke conveyor systems. All of our conveyors are designed and manufactured in our midlands-based factory situated just north of Leicester.

Unlike many of our competitors who only supply "off the shelf" prefabricated units with a very limited range of dimensions and capabilities, all of our conveyors are individually made to your needs and specification

Bespoke Conveyors and Conveyor Systems

Central Conveyors Ltd (CCL) are a leading exponent in the design, fabrication and installation of bespoke conveyors and conveyor systems. We have vast experience of providing a wide range of materials handling solutions, both simple and complex, whether it be single or multiple conveyors, for integration into existing machinary lines and newly required processes.

CCL offer every conceivable type of conveyor belt for your line. Since we design and fabricate in-house we can cater for our customers exacting needs, unlike many companies who simply resell off the shelf products. Our engineering skills are also used to provide inspection and control platforms, access bridges, stairs, mezzanine floors, industrial storage units, and sophisticated logic control and telemetry. We are happy to provide the full project cycle service from design through to manufacture, installation, system integration and commissioning. For examples see some of our case studies.

Individual Conveyors

Do you need a single conveyor? CCL can produce any type of machine imaginable, from a simple traditional belt conveyor through to complex chain monorail track machines. Our products have ranged from those that can be picked up and carried under one arm to 18-ton bulk-loading Pit Conveyors. We’ve even been commissioned to provide conveyors for world renowned British sculptor, Anish Kapoor. Whether it is for the food industry, manufacturing, production, construction, warehousing, distribution, parcel or MRF/waste recycling, we are always delighted to discuss your individual conveyor requirement, and to produce a machine tailored specifically for your business needs. You can see some of our Products range here.

To learn more call CCL on 01509 974215 for an informal, no obligation chat with one of our experienced engineers. CCL understands and respects your privacy and will always honour your commercial confidentiality.

Large and complex multi-conveyor systems

Central Conveyors has a track record for producing large and complex systems. These have involved multiple conveyors, diverters, merge lines, valves, actuators (pusher rods), elevators, weighing and measuring systems, visual (camera-based) switching/sorting units, sensors, controls and PLC systems, along with integration into clients SCADA systems. We have the experience and vision to create unique system designs to cater to almost any conceivable requirement.

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Conveyor Project Management Services

Installing a complex multi-part system? CCL has the experience to help you project manage the complete installation. Let us take the strain. See our Services: Project Management page for more details.

Our Services Include
  • Project Management
  • Site Survey
  • Design & Layout in 3D using SolidWorks
  • Fabrication
  • Controls
  • Testing
  • Installation and Commissioning
  • Post-installation support
  • Documentation and Training
  • Spares

Conveyor Belts vs Belt Conveyors

This can cause some confusion, as there is a difference between the two terms.

Belt Conveyors

This terms refers to what most people think of when they hear the term "conveyor". A belt conveyor is the actual machine that moves products from A to B. It typically consists of an endless rubber or PVC belt, strung between two rollers; one at each end. One roller will be powered; linked to a motor/gearbox either by direct attachment, or by a driving chain. The other roller acts as the tension adjuster, often referred to as the 'tension roller'. It is typically mounted on two screw-threads, which allow it to move backward and forwards. This in effect changes the overall length of the conveyor, and hence effectively adjusts the tension within the belt.

Occasionally, the motor and drive roller is actually mounted a third of the way along the conveyor, and the two end rollers are just that - rollers. One (or both) of them will be screw-mounted and - as before - they function to put tension into the belt. This is usually referred to as an 'underslung drive', with two small internal rollers wrapping the belt around the drive roller forming an 'omega wrap'. This arrangement allows the belt to travel in both directions, something that a traditional conveyor doesn't do very well.

Of course, this only applies to rubber or fabric belts. Conveyors can have a variety of belt types, including steel slat, platelink, and plastic modular, to name but a few. They are all, however, referred to as 'belt conveyors'.

Conveyor Belts

This term refers to the actual carrying surface of the conveyor. Belts come in a bewildering range of types; from thick rubber belts - typically for the recycling or gravel industries - to lighter-weight PVC belts for general use, or PU belts for food conveyors. In addition, there are plastic modular belts which excel in bends and loops, teflon and teflon/kevlar belts for high temperatures, steel slat belts (which - like their plastic modular counterparts - excel in bends and loops), and heavy-duty platelink for really tough products such as waste recycling.

They all have one thing in common; they must be appropriate for the product being carried. They are at the heart of the conveyor; indeed, the conveyor machine is often designed around the belt itself. As form follows function, so the conveyor follows the belt, and it is vital to select the right sort of belt for the job.

Central Conveyors Ltd has decades of experience in this regard, and put the belt at the forefront of our design process, ensuring our conveyors are sturdy and long-lasting.